Samstag, 3. September 2016

Requirements Engineering: bad example

It is really amazing how bad requirements engineering can make customers´ lifes more difficult...
I am expecting a parcel, and it was sent to the package station next to my home. However, it seems
that the station is full. Instead, it was forwarded to another place, to a shop. I was informed by email about that and what they send me is street name, house number and town name. (The town is large, however.) They recommend me to visit their webpage to find out where the shop is and when it is open. So, I click on the link. It was quite difficult to find out how I can find shops on this page at all, because I can get all other information about everything there. It is a link to the general search page. However, what sends me back to a public search machine is that the information which the email contains is not sufficient to find the shop on the company´s web page. I need the zip code. This town has several zip codes and definitively more than one "Bahnhofstraße" (railway street). Has anyone written a use case for this scenario? Has anyone tested it? If they had, they might have thought about the information which the email needs to contain in order to allow me to find out where I can find my parcel. On the other hand, I have a lot of time to find out, because I can not get it before Monday at 11...

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